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Tennessee setting up makeshift hospitals in case of expected surge in COVID-19 patients

 Experiencing an uncontrollable pandemic is hard enough for us but working in it like ER nurse Kristin Nelson is unbelievable.

“You walk down the hospital in the ER and it just looks like a movie. People are running. They’re sweating. We’re running out of personal protective gear,” said Nelson.

Soon, our hospitals could run out of space to treat the rising number of  Nashville News coronavirus cases, according to Dr. Alex Jahinger, chair of the Metro Board of Health.

“Yes, we worry about equipment but it doesn’t matter if we have 200,000 vents. If our curve isn’t flattened and there are more people sick at one time than the system can tolerate, we’re out of luck,” said Dr. Jahinger.

Governor Bill Lee announced setting up three overflow makeshift hospitals across the state; one at the Chattanooga Convention Center, a second in Memphis and a third at Nashville’s Music City Center where 1,600 beds would be set up. Combined, those hospitals will offer 7,000 beds and receive staffing support from the Army Corps of Engineers.

Latest projections show coronavirus cases spiking in Tennessee in April which is expected to leave us short 7,800 hospital beds.

“These numbers are really scary. They should scare everybody. They scare me enough to stay outside,” said Nelson.

But then there’s the homeless population that doesn’t have a home to shelter in. The Nashville Fairgrounds is serving as a overflow shelter for 100 homeless people. A spokesman Press Release Distribution Services In Nashville for Nashville Fire and the Office of Emergency Management confirmed Friday that one homeless person tested positive for the virus and five more were awaiting results. They’re reportedly being isolated in separate buildings on the property.

Homeless advocacy group, Open Table is criticizing city leaders, accusing them of allowing those with symptoms to remain in general population. Co-founder and co-interim director Lindsey Krinks sent this statement.

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