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When Should You Use Press Release

Knowing when to use a press release is just as important as knowing how to use a press release. There are many scenarios where a release is valid. These include:

The development of a new product or service
A breakthrough in research and development
An important new hire or move in upper management
A special event happening within the next few months
A significant recognition or accolade from an outside agency or organization
Significant changes in a business’s operations

The market in which your organization exists also dictates when it’s appropriate to send a release. If you work in a small market, you may be able to send press releases service to announce changes in business hours, changes in what products your organization stocks and other minor announcements. If your organization is in a bigger market, you likely need to limit press releases only to more important announcements about bigger moves and changes. Remember that overusing press releases is a turnoff to journalists and will result in less coverage for your organization as a whole.

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Formatting your press release correctly ensures that journalists will recognize what it is and take it seriously. Every press release is composed of distinct parts. When journalists receive your release, they’ll scan it to find the information of the greatest Best Press Release Service interest to their readers. If that information isn’t in the right place or your release is sloppy, it will likely get deleted or tossed in the trash.

It’s important to understand that there are some formatting differences depending on the outlet for which you’re preparing a press release. If you’re sending your release to a blog, a newspaper or another traditional media outlet, use the general formatting guidelines found in this whitepaper. If you’re distributing your release through PR Newswire or a similar service, review their specific guidelines and be sure that your press release meets them.

Every press release contains six distinct parts that must be written in a specific order. Including all of these parts is essential to clarity and efficacy. Check out Best Press Release Distribution this template for a working example of how a press release should be formatted.

Think of your header as the title of your press release. It should provide a snapshot of what the press release is about. A great header engages the reader and builds excitement about the information to follow.

The dateline of your press release lets the reader know Free Press Release Submission Sites where your organization is located and the timeliness of the information. A properly formatted dateline looks like this:

City, State or Nation—Month Day, Year—

If your organization is located in San Diego, for instance, your dateline would look like this:

San Diego, CA—May 8, 2017—

Organizations that use Associated Press (AP) Style generally write the city in the dateline in all capitals. There are also some cities that can stand alone according to AP Style, so you don’t need to follow them with the state or nation. You can consult your AP Stylebook to find out which cities follow this rule.
The body of your press release contains the meat of your announcement and should be divided into three parts.

The teaser comes right after the dateline. It is a two-to-three sentence introduction to your press release that hooks your reader and explains the gist of what your release is about.

The intro paragraph provides more details about the main subject of your press release. It offers any essential information about the specs of a product, the timing of an event and so on. If it was read on its own, this paragraph would cover all the main points of your announcement.

The main paragraph goes into further detail about the subject of your release. It might provide background information about the product or the Press Release Submission Sites service. If you’re announcing a new hire or promotion, it would include in-depth information about the education, work history and qualifications of the individual. Think of this paragraph as the place to include details that add depth and character to your announcement.

The boilerplate on a press release provides information about the organization that issued the release. It might include the year of incorporation, line of business, area of service and other general information. Think of it as a two-to-three sentence “About Us” paragraph.

It’s essential that journalists who are interested in learning more about your organization or announcement can get in touch with you. List your organization’s mailing address as well as the phone number and email address of the contact for the story. You can also list your organization’s website and links to social media profiles.

Because press releases are often transmitted electronically, you need a special mark to indicate the end of your press release. Traditionally, writers have used the mark “###” to close a press release.
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Writing a Press Release: Best Practices
No matter the reason you’re writing a press release, it’s essential to remember that it should read as a professional document. It’s crucial that you use good grammar, spelling and formatting. It’s also critical that you write in a professional tone that journalists won’t perceive as biased. That means avoiding exaggerated claims about your products and services.

You should also avoid superlatives, which are words and phrases like “the best,” “the easiest,” “the most luxurious” and so on. Superlatives communicate bias and are a turnoff for journalists who want to decide for Free Press Release Sites themselves the value of the product, service or event you’re promoting. Thankfully, eliminating superlatives is easy. Instead of “This product is the easiest thing for consumers to use,” say, “This product is designed with ease of use in mind.”

Following press release formatting guidelines will ensure that you have every portion of the release that journalists require. It’s also important to include other Press Release Writing Service essentials that your reader will expect to see. These include some combination of:

Quotes from organization leaders
Valid statistics
Quotes from authority sources outside your organization

Including the wrong information in a press release can be off-putting to your readers. To keep your readers engaged, be sure that you’re making only one announcement per press release. For example, if your organization is introducing a new product line and holding an upcoming special event, avoid putting both of these items in one press release. Each newsworthy item should receive its own release.

It’s also important to avoid talking about your competitors in a press release. Remember that a press release is designed to create publicity for your organization. A journalist who wants to write a news piece after reading your release will do research into Video Press Release your competitors if necessary. Of course, it is OK to mention partnerships with other organizations if they are pertinent to the item that you’re announcing.

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