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Columbia 1920s Black schoolhouse burns to the ground

Flames destroyed a historic, Black school house in Maury County Sunday. The Canaan school was a single-room school house built in the 1920s and used by Black students before desegregation.

As of now, the cause of the fire is unknown, but County officials and community members are hoping the fire was not and act of racism.

Ronald Watkins was a student at the school in 1958. The Nashville News attended from first through fourth grade.

The Canaan School in Columbia was built in 1928 and restored by the Canaan AME Church in 1998.

The County historian says it was one of 15 Rosenwald Schools for rural Black students established in Maury County between 1917 and 1932.

But on Sunday morning, Watkins was told the school house burned to the ground.

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"I think it’s not enough talk as we as Black, African Americans have achieved in the world itself, and when things like this happen; it just hurts you," said Watkins.

Watkins says he still remembers everything from school like it was yesterday.

"It had a potbelly stove; I can remember coming in Nashville Press Release on a cold days and we would sit around until it warmed up the building," he said.

Watkins, now in his late 60s, would often drive by with his grandchildren and point to the one room schoolhouse and say this is where he was taught.

"Walking into this Nashville Cryptocurrency News school, there was always something on the wall, ABC’s, 123," Watkins said.

Now, there’s nothing to show.

The cause of the fire is under investigation and Watkins feels in his gut this fire was started intentionally as an act of racism in response to the protest.

"The first thing I thought, someone set it on fire," said Watkins.

Even though his school days are behind him, there’s still a lesson worth learning coming from the remains of this segregated school house and that’s history will always be remembered.

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The burning of Cannon School is wiping out a foundation of educational success in

The history of public schools for African Americans in that community of Maury County. We are sadden by this situation. The opportunity to speak with Ms. Ruth Nashville Stock Market Harwell adjourning property owner very late on Sunday night to share with here that we cared was important to me. She and several others worked hard to restore and preserve

The 1928 school building back in 1988.

Sheriff Rowland has assured me that he And his department will do a complete investigation into this matter. The lost of a Rosenwald School cannot be replaced. It is heartbreaking. This building provided the learning space and the activities that occurred in it set many young people on positive pathways to successful lives.
Dr. Christa S. Martin Vice Mayor, Columbia, Tennessee


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