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In Nashville Tennessee Next Month Change Of COVID-19 Vaccine

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s a chance Tennessee could see a COVID-19 vaccine next month, according to the state’s top health official.

Chance of COVID-19 vaccine in Tennessee next month

Dr. Lisa Piercey’s words were part of Governor Bill Lee’s annual budget hearings that began Monday morning.

“We got some really good news from Pfizer this morning that their vaccine is shortly to come and highly effective, even more so than they initially anticipated,” said Dr. Piercey, The Tennessee Department of Health Commissioner.

Tennessee Change OF COVID-19 Vaccine

The comment led to a question that a lot of people are asking: When might Tennessee see the vaccine CoronaVirus?

“At the risk of not having a crystal ball, it’s looking like mid-to-late December, perhaps,” said Commissioner Piercey.

The vaccine news comes on surging record COVID-19 cases reported for several days that have been blamed partly on a backlog of cases being reported.

The pandemic outlook is not a good one as Commissioner Piercey said, “We are certainly seeing a surge that we have not seen since July and August and I expect this surge to exceed that,” while adding “no one is more excited about a vaccine coming than your public health officials.”

Its also welcome news for Tennessee’s Republican governor, but he’s also talking at his budget hearings about a recovering economy and a process to determine his party’s uncertainty with the presidential election.

“And that process includes recounts,” said Governor Lee while meeting with reporters. “It can include legal challenges and the president certainly has every right to pursue that process to the end and should.”

Three of the state’s biggest departments making up more than half of Tennessee’s budget come before the governor’s hearings on Tuesday.

Those departments include the state’s Medicaid TennCare, K-12 education and higher education.

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