30 hilariously terrible life hacks that we wouldn't recommend using

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(Pocket-lint) - Life hacks are great, aren't they? Simple tricks designed to marque your beingness that small spot easier. These ones aren't similar that astatine each though. This is instead, a postulation of hilariously daft, sometimes dangerous, often absorbing "hacks" that radical person utilized to woody with problems. 

We'd urge not trying these astatine home. 

Forget dent repair

Accidentally crashed your car oregon had idiosyncratic ding it? Not got the wealth for costly paintwork repairs oregon dent removal?

Worry not, simply popular a drama sticker implicit the top. Now it's a diagnostic alternatively than a problem. 

DIY aerial coniditioning

Air conditioning successful your car broken? Or conscionable driving an older exemplary that doesn't person AC? Why not simply instal a full-blown strategy usually intended for buildings. Perfectly harmless and unafraid surely?

Bike controller

Need a caller handlebar for your bike? Why not jazz your beingness up a spot by utilizing a video crippled controller instead. Turn each thrust into a gaming experience.

Of course, you mightiness besides beryllium surviving beingness a spot much dangerously without the brakes, but astatine slightest riding volition beryllium much thrilling. 

Fresh air

Room smelly a spot funky? Fancy immoderate caller aerial but don't similar opening windows? Why not strap immoderate car aerial fresheners to a instrumentality and stroke immoderate scent astir your room. 

Wipers are expensive

New wipers are expensive, wherefore not simply reuse household objects instead?

Surely an aged oven mitt is conscionable arsenic susceptible of keeping your model wide and it's much absorbent too. 

DIY lights

When your kids turn retired of their toys, don't conscionable propulsion them away. They could beryllium repurposed into different things. 

This doll's head, for example, makes a cleanable nightlight. 

Make eggs delicious

If you're trying to get acceptable and summation muscle, eggs are a large summation to your diet. But if you don't similar the taste, you tin ever effort adding cocoa powder, food and flour, past baking it each for 30 mins to make thing tastier. 

Make displacement whisk

Not a instrumentality of whisking by hand? Don't person entree to an electrical whisk for your baking? No problem, conscionable usage a drill instead. Perfectly safe, thing could perchance spell wrong. 

Printed headlight

This idiosyncratic has mislaid the headlight successful their car, presumably owed to an mishap judging by the authorities of the beforehand end. 

Rather than getting a replacement, they've simply printed retired a representation of one. We're not definite this is roadworthy legal, but astatine slightest it's visually passable. 

Makeshift showerhead

If your ablution caput is clogged up with limescale and conscionable not flowing nicely anymore, wherefore not conscionable poke immoderate holes successful a soda vessel and usage that instead. Perfectly bully waterflow. 

Hedge trimmer

Has your hedge got a spot bushy but you don't person a trimmer agelong capable to scope the top? Then here's a solution. All you request is simply a crane, a ride-on mower and spot that you won't autumn to your death. 

Here's Johnny

This clever bod has proven that not each problems request to beryllium fixed. Yes, they could person repaired the spread successful this door, but it's overmuch much amusing this mode and a bully talking constituent for immoderate visitors who popular over. 

Testing for leaks

If you tin odor gas, don't fuss calling the state institution to travel and check, conscionable airy a lucifer instead. 

Obviously a unspeakable beingness hack, but it would work. 

Drown retired the problems

Is your car making immoderate horrific noises? Have you not got the wealth oregon clip to spell to the store and get it checked? No problem, conscionable crank up the car vigor to down retired the sound. If you can't perceive the problem, it doesn't beryllium right?

Magnify your telephone screen

Having occupation seeing your telephone surface oregon speechmaking the tiny words connected it? Just popular it successful a solid of h2o - the liquid volition magnify what you're looking astatine and marque it easier to read. 

R for racing

In a hurry? Get an other boost erstwhile driving by shifting a manual car from 5th cogwheel into "R" for racing mode. 

Avoid parking tickets

You can't get a parking summons if you enactment your wipers up similar this arsenic the parking wardens volition person obscurity to instrumentality the fine. 

Parking spot

Can't find a parking spot? Not to worry, conscionable activate this peculiar fastener connected your car. It volition marque you immune to each postulation laws and capable to parkland wherever you privation without information of repercussion. 

Streamline your morning

Why not streamline your mornings by spreading toothpaste connected your toast. Eat meal and brushwood your teeth astatine the aforesaid time. And radical accidental you're not bully astatine multitasking. 

Speed up your PC

Is your PC moving a spot slow? Try adding a spoiler to it. It'll assistance marque it much aerodynamic and thereby tally faster.

Also, acceptable the RGB lights to bluish arsenic that'll assistance it tally cooler and get you much FPS. 

Up your moving game

Up your moving crippled by swapping your treadmill's loop for immoderate ample sandpaper. This volition not lone assistance with your grip, but if you tally barefoot it'll besides assistance region pesky calluses. 

Cut your balls successful half

If you chopped your tennis balls successful fractional you'll beryllium capable to easy summation however galore you tin store successful a fixed space. Easy. 

Multi-functional charger

Do you find that your laptop charger gets a spot blistery erstwhile plugged in? Why not enactment it to bully usage and vigor up your nutrient arsenic good astatine the aforesaid time. 

Avoid burglary

You mightiness person heard that if you permission the boxes for costly household appliances (like a fancy caller TV) extracurricular your location connected bin time you're risking being burgled. 

Avert this hazard by simply putting your rubbish extracurricular your neighbour's location instead. Problem solved. 

Use phones portion cooking rice

Have you made a mistake portion cooking and utilized excessively overmuch water? Not a problem, driblet your phones successful determination to sorb the excess h2o and your repast volition beryllium saved. 

How to suffer friends and power people

Fed up with having friends? Need a mode to suffer immoderate without really being rude to them? Just bargain them a truly weird acquisition and support doing that until they get the hint. 

Waterproof your phone

Waterproof your telephone by simply wrapping it successful integrative wrap. Now you nary longer person to interest astir dropping it successful the bath portion you're surfing the web. Plus it's a customized look not galore others volition situation to rock. 

Cook pasta easily

Cooking is specified a pain, isn't it? With this tip, you tin marque it overmuch easier to navigator pasta. All you request to bash is popular immoderate h2o and pasta into your toaster and fto it bash the work. 

What could spell wrong?

Wash your motherboard

Finding your PC is moving a spot slow? No occupation conscionable instrumentality it retired and springiness it a bully wash. Once it's dust-free it'll tally overmuch faster. 

Use your spot loop to unfastened brew bottles

Just picked up immoderate beers from your section supermarket? Not got an opener to hand? No occupation conscionable usage your spot belt. Never spell thirsty portion driving again. 

Writing by Adrian Willings. Editing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 27 July 2021.

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