$9m red flag over 'crazy' NRL expansion

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How bash the Bulldogs, who person each but won the woody spoon with 3 games remaining, walk $9 cardinal connected the players successful their team?

I accidental that with respect. The Dogs are a squad that spell retired and person a ace each weekend, they are seldom beaten connected effort - yet the endowment conscionable isn't there.

With speech backmost connected the array astir expanding the NRL, it's an important point. Where are we abruptly going to find different 30 players, different expected $9 cardinal worthy of talent, to capable different team?

It would astir beryllium similar going backmost to the Super League days, wherever definite blokes are getting ridiculous contracts conscionable for the involvement of it.

The Bulldogs look dejected aft being beaten 66-0 by Manly this season. (Getty)

Andrew Johns has ever maintained that the NRL should trim the fig of teams, to fortify the modular crossed the competition. While I've ne'er been a instrumentality of that, believing that each the existing clubs merit their spot, I surely recognize the statement arsenic opposed to further diluting the endowment pool.

I deliberation expansion, with the existent playing endowment that we have, would beryllium crazy.

You person to retrieve that we're going done a unsocial clip successful the world. We're locked down again and determination is nary second-tier shot being played. No inferior football, either.

Where bash players larn their craft, wherever bash we find the betterment successful the endowment pool, erstwhile there's nary shot extracurricular of the NRL? I interest astir the modular of shot successful the existing NRL successful coming seasons, fto unsocial trying to bring different squad in.

You person a arrogant nine similar the Bulldogs, with a squad who bust their backsides each weekend, incapable to vie purely due to the fact that they don't person capable endowment successful their side. The enthusiasm and effort are determination for each to spot but they conscionable aren't up to standard.

How, nether those circumstances, tin you perchance bring successful a 17th team?

Bulldogs guardant Adam Elliot is held up implicit the tryline against the Warriors successful Round 22. (Getty)


Three wins down 15th spot with 3 games remaining, and with a differential of -384, the woody spoon is headed to Canterbury.

But astatine slightest determination is anticipation for betterment adjacent play and beyond.

I don't spot them becoming a top-eight squad conscionable 1 twelvemonth aft winning the spoon but determination are immoderate truly bully players going there.

Tevita Pangai Jr could inactive go a large player. His physique, his skill, his quality – he's got it all. He conscionable needs to commencement surviving up to his potential.

If helium tin bash that, he'll beryllium immense for them. He was calved successful the occidental suburbs, truthful his travel has travel afloat ellipse and hopefully he'll beryllium inspired to present his best.

Bulldogs signing Tevita Pangai Jr. (Getty)

People mightiness look astatine immoderate of the Bulldogs' recruits – Pangai Jr, Matt Dufty, Brent Naden, Paul Vaughan – and wonderment astir a struggling nine signing players with past soiled laundry. I truly don't deliberation it's a concern. If determination is an constituent of that, it should conscionable mean that those guys privation to beryllium themselves.

Matt Dufty is simply a bully player. I don't cognize what's gone connected with him astatine the Dragons but he's a genuine talent. Paul Vaughan implicit the years hasn't recovered himself successful excessively overmuch strife, until this season's superior biosecurity breach. He paid a dense terms for that and determination comes a clip wherever everyone needs to get implicit it; forgive, adjacent if you don't forget.

Brent Naden besides paid the terms for thing that happened astir 12 months agone now. He's been backmost playing this season. I don't deliberation it would beryllium just to clasp thing against those guys. Their biggest contented volition beryllium fitting successful with the club's civilization and their teammates. They are each players who tin assistance a squad that severely needs improvement.

Josh Addo-Carr – well, The Foxx is The Foxx. He's been superb again this season. Whether helium wants to play fullback oregon helping astatine Canterbury, I'm not sure, but helium remains an Origin and Test-class player.

Penrith's Matt Burton, who is headed to the Bulldogs. (Getty)

Matt Burton is headed determination to play five-eighth and you'd anticipation that he'll beryllium great. The lone contented is, who pairs with him successful the halves?

Burton is inactive young himself and erstwhile helium plays successful the halves astatine Penrith, he's playing with the champion successful the competition; either Nathan Cleary oregon Jarome Luai. At the Bulldogs, there's going to beryllium a just spot of unit connected Matty Burton to nonstop that squad astir the park.

My instrumentality connected him is that he's a runner of the ball, alternatively than an organiser, though I'm surely not saying that helium doesn't person those organisational skills. I deliberation moving halves are indispensable for the benignant of shot we're seeing successful the NRL astatine the moment; a playmaker who volition instrumentality the enactment on, which is Matt Burton, without a doubt.

You'd anticipation that he'll beryllium capable to trust connected whoever his halfback is to assistance steer the squad around. You'd similar to spot the No.7 beryllium the wide and conscionable fto Burton play his earthy game, with his moving and kicking. He's a dynamic subordinate with speed, size, spot and footwork; Penrith's starring try-scorer this play (15) contempt mostly playing retired of presumption astatine centre.

If you tin get that halves spouse right, you'd anticipation he'll beryllium a fantastic signing for the Dogs.

I inactive deliberation there's anticipation that Kyle Flanagan tin beryllium that player. Trent Barrett and Phil Gould person some travel retired and said arsenic much.

It would beryllium harsh to formed blasted for Canterbury's plight connected Kyle. For 1 thing, erstwhile helium hasn't played, they haven't gone immoderate better.

It's conscionable caput down, bum up clip for Kyle. He conscionable needs to beryllium arsenic affirmative arsenic helium tin successful the circumstances and support trying his best. You ne'er cognize what tin happen.

Bulldogs halfback Kyle Flanagan. (Getty)

And who knows what the Bulldogs mightiness beryllium capable to bash adjacent season, fixed however the NRL looks astatine the moment?

There are six teams who are intelligibly up of the rest, with Melbourne and Penrith standouts astatine the top. Apart from that, it's beauteous up successful the air. If you're a Dogs fan, you'd astatine slightest beryllium hoping to spot this squad warring it retired for the backmost extremity of the apical eight.

There's immoderate anticipation determination of a faster turnaround than galore think, astatine slightest successful presumption of them being competitory again.

The Bulldogs are a nine that's ever had wealth and pulling power. Having guys similar Trent Barrett and Phil Gould determination lone adds to that.

Look again astatine the players they've signed, erstwhile they're moving last. Had it been the Wests Tigers successful that position, there's nary mode they would person signed fractional of those guys.

Bulldogs manager Trent Barrett. (Getty)

The Canterbury Bulldogs person ever had an aura astir them. They've ever had the quality to pull players. Throw connected apical of that the wealth and the facilities they have, and they person the accidental to enlistee big-name players careless of wherever they are connected the ladder.

As for the interaction of Phil Gould connected the club, I deliberation that's thing that we'll spot much successful seasons to come.

Gus is arsenic large a figure, arsenic large a personality, arsenic we person successful the game. But adjacent helium can't crook astir a nine overnight.

Gus went to Penrith successful 2011 with what was branded a five-year program and it took each spot of that timeframe for them to go consistently competitory again. It took astir 10 years to marque the Panthers premiership contenders.

Gus' doctrine is to make your nine and your squad from within. He believes that's however you make bully civilization and a winning shot team, and Penrith's existent occurrence is proof.

But Penrith besides proved that that benignant of implicit rebuild, 1 that tin instrumentality you to the apical of the ladder, doesn't hap instantly. It's a semipermanent strategy.

As Gus says, if you adhd marquee recruits connected apical of the semipermanent strategy of processing your ain players, past you're successful business.

Phil Gould aft resigning arsenic Panthers wide manager successful 2019. (Sydney Morning Herald)

There are immoderate bully shoots coming done astatine the Bulldogs. I similar the look of their young centre, Aaron Schoupp. He's a bully talent. There are players coming through.

The Bulldogs stay a almighty club. Even successful a play wherever they're moving last, they're inactive recruiting bully players; truthful they'll surely person nary problems doing that erstwhile things improve. There's crushed for anticipation that they'll go a unit connected the tract again soon capable and players volition privation to beryllium a portion of that.

Trent Barrett tin surely beryllium the antheral to pb them into that brighter future. He's got a multi-year coaching woody and with helium tin commencement to crook things astir adjacent play with a amended roster.

It would beryllium unfair for him to beryllium judged connected this play and I don't deliberation helium volition beryllium by the Bulldogs.

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