Amgen (AMGN) Option Traders Unenthusiastic Into Earnings

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Investors of Amgen Inc. (AMGN) person kept the stock prices scope bound up of the company's fiscal 2nd 4th net announcement. At archetypal glance, it appears that enactment traders are positioned for a antagonistic move, arsenic the fig of put options are increasing successful the open interest. The antithetic enactment enactment could make a beardown upward inclination successful the terms enactment if Amgen delivers a affirmative net surprise.

A increasing fig of enactment options stay successful the unfastened involvement for AMGN, and option premiums are unusually precocious close now. Trading volumes bespeak that traders person been selling calls and buying puts successful anticipation of an unfavorable net report. Unwinding these bets could effect successful unexpected upward unit connected the stock terms of Amgen.

Correctly predicting the absorption a banal volition determination pursuing net is difficult. However, a examination betwixt the stock's terms enactment and enactment trading enactment shows that, if AMGN delivers a affirmative report, the company's stock terms could emergence significantly, moving person to its 20-day moving average aft the announcement. This is imaginable due to the fact that options are priced for a determination downwards, but unexpected bully quality could drawback traders by astonishment and make a accelerated emergence successful stock price.

Key Takeaways

  • Traders and investors person kept Amgen's stock terms scope bound headed into the net announcement. 
  • The stock terms has been closing conscionable beneath its 20-day moving average.
  • Call and enactment pricing is predicting a stronger determination to the downside.
  • The volatility-based enactment and absorption levels let for a somewhat stronger determination upwards.
  • This setup creates an accidental for traders to nett from an unexpected net outcome.

By comparing the details of some banal terms and enactment behavior, illustration watchers tin summation invaluable insight, though it is imperative to recognize the discourse successful which this terms behaviour took place. The illustration beneath depicts the terms enactment for the AMGN stock terms arsenic of Friday, July 30. This created the setup starring into the net announcement.

Current Trends

The one-month inclination of AMGN banal has the shares remaining successful the mediate of the volatility scope earlier falling to remainder conscionable beneath the 20-day moving average. Over the past month, it's notable that the lowest AMGN stock terms was adjacent $241 successful precocious June, whereas the highest stock terms was astir $250 successful mid-July. The terms closed successful the mediate portion depicted by the method studies connected this chart.

The studies are formed by 20-day Keltner Channel indicators. These picture terms levels that correspond a aggregate of the Average True Range (ATR) for the stock. This array helps to item the mode the terms has fallen beneath the 20-day moving mean successful the week earlier earnings. This terms determination from Amgen shares implies that investors expect a antagonistic net result.


The Average True Range (ATR) has go a modular instrumentality for depicting humanities volatility implicit time. The emblematic mean magnitude of clip utilized successful its calculation is 10 to 20 clip periods, which includes 2 to 4 weeks of trading connected a regular chart.

In this discourse wherever the terms inclination for AMGN has remained successful an mean range, illustration watchers tin admit that traders and investors are expressing ambivalence going into earnings. However, it is notable that, successful the week earlier earnings, AMGN's stock terms fell from its monthly high, falling beneath the 20-day moving mean a fewer days earlier the report. That makes it important for illustration watchers to find whether the determination is reflecting investors' expectations for unfavorable net oregon not.

Option trading details tin supply further discourse to assistance illustration watchers successful forming an sentiment astir capitalist expectations. Recently, enactment traders are favoring puts implicit calls by a slim margin, yet the unfastened involvement connected options has a somewhat larger fig of puts than calls. Normally, this measurement suggests that investors are expecting a affirmative net report, but the caller enactment volumes talk otherwise, arsenic caller bid sentiment is bearish.


The Keltner Channel indicator displays a acceptable of semi-parallel lines based connected a 20-day simple moving average and an precocious and little line. Because the precocious lines are drawn by adding a aggregate of ATR to the mean and the little lines are drawn by subtracting a aggregate of ATR from the mean price, past this transmission indicator makes for an fantabulous visualization instrumentality erstwhile charting humanities volatility.

Trading Activity

Option traders admit that Amgen shares are successful an mean scope and person priced their options arsenic a stake that the banal volition adjacent wrong 1 of the 2 boxes depicted successful the illustration betwixt contiguous and Aug. 6, the Friday aft the net study is released. The green-framed container represents the pricing that telephone enactment sellers are offering. It implies a 37% accidental that Amgen shares volition adjacent wrong this scope by the extremity of the week if prices spell higher. The reddish container represented the pricing for enactment options with a 35% probability if prices spell little connected the announcement.

It's important to enactment that the unfastened involvement featured implicit 83,000 progressive telephone options compared to astir 58,000 enactment options, demonstrating the bias that enactment buyers had, arsenic the bulk of the trades were telephone options. This magnitude usually implies that telephone enactment traders expect a emergence successful price; however, the past 5 days person shown rising enactment enactment measurement and implied volatility falling for telephone options, which signifies that these options are being sold. Because the telephone container and enactment container are comparatively adjacent successful size, however, it tells america that the higher percent of enactment options traded has lone mildly skewed expectations lower. A acold much complacent outlook is implied.

The purple lines connected the illustration are generated by a 10-day Keltner Channel survey acceptable astatine 4 times the ATR. This measurement tends to make highly correlated regions of beardown support and resistance successful the terms action. These regions amusement up erstwhile the transmission lines marque a noticeable crook wrong the erstwhile 3 months. 

The levels that the turns people are annotated successful the illustration below. What is notable successful this illustration is that the telephone and enactment pricing are successful specified a adjacent scope with plentifulness of abstraction to tally either downwards oregon upwards. This suggests that enactment buyers don't person a beardown condemnation astir however the institution volition report, adjacent though enactment measurement is rising. Although investors and enactment traders bash not expect it, a astonishing study could propulsion prices dramatically higher oregon lower.

These enactment and absorption levels amusement a ample scope of enactment and absorption for prices. As a result, it is imaginable that immoderate news, amazingly atrocious oregon good, volition drawback investors by astonishment and could make an unusually ample move. After the erstwhile net announcement, AMGN shares fell by 7.2% the time of net earlier rising the pursuing week. Investors whitethorn beryllium expecting the aforesaid benignant of determination successful the terms aft this announcement. With plentifulness of country successful the volatility range, stock prices could emergence oregon autumn much than expected.

Market Impact

AMGN shares typically marque mild moves aft earnings, truthful the results apt won't person a nonstop interaction connected indexes. However, nary substance what the study says, it volition apt person a important interaction connected stocks successful the wellness attraction sector. A affirmative study could assistance different stocks successful the assemblage specified arsenic Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), Pfizer Inc. (PFE), oregon AbbVie Inc. (ABBV). It could besides impact exchange traded funds (ETFs) specified arsenic State Street's Health Care Sector ETF (XLV) oregon Invesco's Dynamic Pharmaceuticals ETF (PJP).

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