Apple updates iWork suite with a slew of new features, heavier emphasis on remote work

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(Pocket-lint) - Apple contiguous updated the iWork suite, which includes Pages, Keynote, and Numbers, with a fistful of caller features that should beryllium a boon to the distant enactment community, among others. 

Primarily, 1 of the large caller introductions is the quality to person a unrecorded camera presumption of the Keynote presenter look successful the apical country of the screen, akin to however you spot yourself erstwhile connected a FaceTime oregon Zoom call. This aims to assistance engagement erstwhile remotely making a presumption with a radical of folks who earlier this would lone spot the pre-made slides and dependable of your voice. 

Apple says you tin “restyle” your video framework with a adaptable of customisable features, but however utile that’ll beryllium remains to beryllium determined. At immoderate rate, the quality to adhd a unrecorded video provender should beryllium fantabulous for the world community. 

As for Pages, Apple says the app is getting a much optimised iOS experience, which includes people enlarging substance and imagery to marque viewing documents connected the spell much seamless than ever. 

In Numbers, Apple touts 2 caller important features,  pivot tables and radar charts, which for the former, the institution describes arsenic thing “users tin rapidly summarise, group, and rearrange information to place and analyse patterns and trends” - explaining that “the resulting pivot array appears successful a wide layout that makes it casual for the idiosyncratic to work and summation insights”. 


Apple updates iWork suite with a slew of caller   features with an accent  connected  distant    enactment    photograph  2

Regarding radar charts, Apple describes them arsenic “a caller illustration benignant that makes it casual to visually comparison aggregate variables with similarities shown arsenic overlapping areas, allowing differences and outliers to truly basal out”. 

The update is disposable for the full suite today, and you tin work the full property merchandise for yourself right here. 

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