Best car GPS trackers 2021: Pinpoint the location of your wheels with these top picks

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(Pocket-lint) - There are a fig of cardinal differences betwixt GPS modules you tin bargain for cars and conscionable regular tabs - similar the ones you would usage to support way of your keys oregon wallet. However, the astir evident favoritism is that specialised devices person a amended accidental of remaining hidden and, therefore, inactive enactment successful the lawsuit of a theft. 

Parents and guardians who stock a car with children may, with consent, besides privation a instrumentality to assistance support a determination log for information reasons. Businesses, specified arsenic lorry and motortruck companies, often usage the exertion to assistance specify wide check-in times for drivers of the company's vehicles, too.

However, speech from these examples, support successful caput that utilizing a GPS tracker to remotely show someone's car is evidently morally bankrupt, astatine best, and possibly adjacent unlawful. 

So, erstwhile you're definite you request a car GPS tracker, you past request to determine which instrumentality is champion for you. And that's wherever this usher comes in.

Below, we'll beryllium outlining immoderate of the apical options for you to explore. Let's drive.

Best GPS trackers for cars disposable today


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Tracki GPS Tracker


Tracki's battery-powered, miniature tracker is simply a large mode to discreetly support way of your car's whereabouts.

You'll person to acceptable yourself up with a monthly fee, but, erstwhile you do, you'll beryllium capable to spot this tiny instrumentality anyplace and person on-demand entree to its determination done the iOS oregon Android app. That app tin besides beryllium acceptable up to nonstop alerts erstwhile the tracker exits a geofence, is moving faster than a definite velocity oregon begins moving, too.

The artillery beingness is babelike connected which you determine to employ, since the included option, which the institution suggests lasts astir 30 to 75 days if tracked erstwhile to 3 times a day, tin beryllium upgraded to 1 that provides six-times the performance. 


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LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker


As the institution sanction indicates, those who privation planetary determination accusation connected beauteous overmuch immoderate conveyance tin get it with this device. 

It's different compact design, and 1 that tin grip some h2o and instrumentality to antithetic areas of a conveyance done the built-in magnet.

Tracking tin besides beryllium performed successful real-time done the SilverCloud app - oregon done the web - which tin besides present text/email alerts for breaking a geofence oregon opening to move. Historical playback volition besides amusement the spectator wherever the tracker has been.

Like different picks, though, conscionable support successful caput that this instrumentality requires a subscription.


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PrimeTracking GPS Tracker


PrimeTracking's small instrumentality is different that requires a subscription to entree it fully, but it's perfect for keeping tabs connected your chosen conveyance and receiving alerts.

The instrumentality features a built-in SIM paper to springiness you unlimited coverage, and users tin besides acceptable notifications for geofences, velocity and SOS.

Cleverly, you tin besides acceptable up to way from aggregate devices, specified arsenic a computer, tablet oregon telephone - each you request is simply a cellular oregon Wi-Fi connection.


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Vyncs GPS Tracker


Vyncs' solution for determination tracking works somewhat differently, successful presumption of however you'll wage for access, and it's an fantabulous enactment to see for cars.

The cellular instrumentality volition necessitate a one-time activation interest successful bid to get acceptable up, with an yearly renewal interest besides required aft the archetypal twelvemonth of use. 

With that successful mind, you'll beryllium capable to instrumentality vantage of real-time tracking done the iOS oregon Android app nary substance wherever your conveyance goes successful the globe, with the module capable to fell successful the OBD-II (On-Board Diagnostics) larboard of the car.

This larboard plan means there's besides nary request to interest astir charging, with the instrumentality successful this presumption besides capable to pat into the substance level, substance economy, conveyance velocity and conveyance attraction status.


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Bouncie GPS Tracker


A GPS tracker doesn't truly necessitate sleek looks, since it's purpose is to spell unseen, but, nevertheless, we'd accidental Bouncie's solution is the best-looking instrumentality you tin employ. 

And it's got plentifulness much than conscionable bully looks going for it, too, handily fitting into the OBD-II larboard successful your car and capable to supply elaborate information. 

Users tin besides entree determination accusation done the app, arsenic good arsenic alerts related to geofences, driving habits and more. 

The lone happening you truly person to interest astir is the monthly subscription fee, but, if Bouncie's tracker manages to pin your conveyance aft a theft, it's worthy the asking price.


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Winnes GPS Tracker


Winnes offers a magnetic, battery-powered solution that's capable to instrumentality to anyplace connected your car and supply elaborate determination information.

Providing the portion has a awesome to enactment with, there's nary region requirement, and tin supply the determination of the conveyance wrong 5m.

Users tin entree this successful real-time, arsenic good arsenic person notifications erstwhile the instrumentality remains idle for 5 minutes, restarts and exits a geofence. Historical tracking besides provides accusation connected wherever the instrumentality has traveled, successful lawsuit you're funny successful however it got there. 

That artillery we mentioned is besides reasonably coagulated erstwhile compared to rival devices. Winnes suggests the 5000mAh portion should let for up to 90 days successful standby and astir 1-3 weeks successful full-time use.


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TruTrak FMT100


TruTrak offers a somewhat antithetic installation to different devices connected this list, but it's by nary means inferior. 

By moving from your vehicle's battery, there's besides nary bounds to the benignant of conveyance you tin usage it with - everything from a motortruck to a motorbike is compatible.

You don't person to interest astir uninstalling and recharging, and the archetypal installation itself lone takes a fewer minutes. 

Like different GPS units, determination is simply a monthly interest required for alerts and determination tracking from the companion and web aopp, though there's nary declaration and is simply a pay-as-you-go system.


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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag+


They decidedly person their limitations, but keyring-sized trackers similar the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag+ tin besides enactment arsenic GPS trackers for your vehicle.

The upside with Samsung's enactment is that it's versatile, comparatively inexpensive and tin beryllium placed anyplace wrong the car - each with precise small setup required.

The downside is that you miss retired connected immoderate elaborate conveyance accusation that dedicated trackers, but this is surely a solution for those who conscionable privation the basics.


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Vodafone Curve


If Samsung's keyring-style GPS tracker isn't for you, but you inactive privation thing that offers the basics of determination tracking, Vodafone's Curve mightiness beryllium a amended fit.

At its core, the acquisition is beauteous overmuch the same, with a elemental setup followed by placing the instrumentality successful your car and tracking determination via the companion app.

Just marque definite you're comfy with the seven-day artillery beingness and monthly subscription earlier exploring this 1 seriously, though.


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SinoTrack ST-903 Mini


SinoTrack offers a large blend of size and dedicated features, being tiny capable to spot successful your car portion inactive providing much than conscionable basal determination information.

Once you're signed up and acceptable up, you'll beryllium escaped to summation entree to your vehicle's movement, arsenic good arsenic alerts for speeding, geofencing and debased battery.

Within the companion app, there's besides scope to presumption humanities information from up to 2 years ago.

This is disposable without a monthly subscription, but we should constituent retired that you volition request to prime up and activate your ain SIM card.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published connected 15 January 2021.

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