Big Loud Publishing Signs Rocky Block

2 months ago 21
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Riding precocious aft the merchandise of his latest cut, “High Horse,” by Hip-Hop icon Nelly (with BRELAND & Blanco Brown), Nashville, TN-based songwriter Rocky Block has joined the Big Loud Publishing family.

Effective immediately, Block comes connected committee 1 of the astir palmy autarkic euphony publishers successful town, fusing bold creativity with a knack for melody and fearless forward-thinking. It’s the aforesaid look Big Loud has been perfecting for astir 20 years, and it comes to Block naturally.

“I’m honored and excited to beryllium a portion of the Big Loud Publishing family,” shares Block. “Growing up successful Nashville, it’s a imagination to get to marque euphony – overmuch little with the champion successful the business. Big Loud’s way grounds of occurrence is inspiring and thing I look guardant to contributing towards.”

Born and raised successful Music City, Block is the lad of Alt-Country promoter and legendary vigor host, Billy Block, who was 1 of the earliest advocates for the autarkic roots euphony which came to beryllium known arsenic Americana.

Bringing his ain creator sensation to the array – but that aforesaid quality to spot beyond mainstream trends – Block has been penning his ain songs and making euphony since childhood, and present starts a caller chapter. Excelling arsenic a topline melody writer with guitar, bass, and soft playing skills, he’s already seen his songs construe to a divers assemblage successful aggregate genres.

Along with “High Horse,” Block’s upcoming cuts see the Hip-Hop/Country crossover “Grits & Glamour” by Nelly (with Kane Brown) connected Nelly’s soon-to-arrive HEARTLAND album.

Meanwhile, past successes see a #1 astatine Canadian Country vigor with Dean Brody & The Reklaws’ “Can’t Help Myself,” and cuts with Australian Pop-Rock creator Sam Fischer (“Everybody’s Got Somebody”), Pop vocalist Philmon Lee (“Where Was Your Love”), and rising Country endowment Ashley Cooke (“Under”).

“Rocky has been a adjacent collaborator of the Big Loud Publishing household for a fewer years. His drive, consistency, and quality to trade large songs crossed aggregate genres is thing we person agelong admired,” admits Big Loud Publishing’s Michael Giangreco, Senior Director, A&R. “We are thrilled to present person the accidental to enactment with him arsenic his publisher.”

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