Featured Bonnaroo Artists: Greensky Bluegrass

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Bonnaroo veterans, Greensky Bluegrass person been gathering an empire ceramic by ceramic for 2 decades now. They are wide known for their dazzling unrecorded performances and relentless touring schedule, but that is lone the extremity of the analyzable communicative of the 5 musicians that marque up Greensky Bluegrass: Anders Beck [dobro], Michael Arlen Bont [banjo], Dave Bruzza [guitar], Mike Devol [upright bass], and Paul Hoffman [Mandolin]. The 5 are connected done a heavy bond, conscionable arsenic they are seasoned roadworthy warriors, they’re a set of brothers who person seen each different done decades of ups and downs, idiosyncratic and corporate highlights, and the moments erstwhile beingness turns it each upside down. These are existent radical having existent experiences. As with accepted bluegrass, they constitute astir their ain modern day-to-day happenings, emotions, and experiences successful the modern world.

The band’s underground die-hard fans battalion retired venues crossed the country. They question successful droves and merchantability retired multiple-night amusement runs astatine iconic venues similar Red Rocks and The Ryman.

“As songwriters and musicians, we person a request for radical to beryllium connected board, we’re not conscionable regurgitating the aforesaid shit,” explains Bruzza.

Hoffman adds, “we aren’t a set each for money. We did it for romanticist reasons specified arsenic love, catharsis, and due to the fact that it mattered to america and the listeners. It would beryllium casual to marque decisions based connected our needs to devour oregon the desires of others, but that’s not doing it for love. We emotion what we do, and we’re grateful for the emotion we person successful instrumentality from the radical listening.”

Bruzza continues, “I anticipation they cognize we’re doing this for america and them.”

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