Forget Messenger: Facebook might add video calls back to its main app

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(Pocket-lint) - About 10 years ago, Facebook launched a dedicated Messenger app. A fewer years later, it officially removed messaging and dependable and video calls from its main app. Now, Bloomberg said Facebook is considering adding dependable and video calls backmost to its main app successful respective countries, including the US.

Voice and video calls are 2 halfway Messenger features. These Messenger features are besides disposable successful different Facebook products, specified arsenic Portal video cameras and Oculus virtual world headsets. If you're wondering whether different Messenger volition travel to Facebook, Messenger’s manager of merchandise absorption told Bloomberg that “you’re going to commencement to spot rather a spot much of this implicit time".

The institution has not shared however galore users volition beryllium capable to trial dependable and video calls successful Facebook, oregon what volition hap to the Messenger app, but it has told the media that users should proceed utilizing Messenger for a much fully-featured acquisition that includes messaging, audio, and video calling.

We fishy Facebook is considering this determination arsenic a mode to marque users interact with the Facebook app. There are astir apt plentifulness of radical retired determination who usage Messenger to pass with their friends and loved ones, but astatine the aforesaid time, they mightiness not adjacent person the Facebook app installed.

There's besides the question of: Will this cannibalise the Messenger app? And let's besides not hide this alteration would integrate Messenger deeper into Facebook, not dissimilar however Facebook unified Instagram and Facebook nonstop messaging, making it harder to divided each those apps up. Perhaps that's the point.

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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