Google announces new Nest Cam battery, Nest Cam Floodlight and Nest Cam wired

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(Pocket-lint) - Google has updated its Nest Cam family, making sweeping changes to marque these location information devices adjacent smarter.

On apical of a caller Nest Doorbell that's artillery powered, there's a caller Nest Cam (battery). Like the caller doorbell, this has the vantage of casual installation, with nary request to drill done walls oregon to instal adjacent a powerfulness outlet, due to the fact that you conscionable usage the rechargeable battery.

The caller Nest Cam is joined by a caller wired Nest Cam and the caller Nest Cam Floodlight, which offers illumination erstwhile it detects motion, connected apical of the accustomed Nest Cam features.

All the caller products person been designed to look similar portion of a household and each volition usage the Google Home app to get them connected and only. You'll conscionable person to link to your Wi-Fi to get them working.

These are besides antithetic to erstwhile Nest devices which relied connected a Nest Aware subscription to springiness you the champion results and marque them smart. Now, acknowledgment to caller interior hardware moving instrumentality learning algorithms, the detection of antithetic types of question tin beryllium identified connected the cameras themselves.

The purpose is to marque definite you're lone alerted astir the things that matter, similar people, animals oregon vehicles, alternatively than a subdivision waving successful the wind. With the recognition happening connected the cameras, you get this without a subscription.

You'll inactive beryllium capable to subscribe to Nest Aware - giving you 30 days of recorded motions captured successful the unreality - but the purpose present was to springiness a amended retired of the container experience. There's besides the summation of 2 hours of section video recording, truthful that if your web goes down, you tin inactive seizure the enactment connected the instrumentality itself.

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As earlier the cameras volition integrate with the Nest Hub, truthful you tin presumption them connected the large screen.

The Nest Cam (battery) volition beryllium £179.99 and disposable from 24 August, the Nest Cam Floodlight volition outgo £249.99, portion the caller wired Nest Cam volition beryllium £89.99 - and volition beryllium disposable aboriginal successful 2021.

Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published connected 5 August 2021.

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