How High Vaccination Rates Are Protecting Parts of California

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Counties with above-average levels of vaccination person immoderate of the lowest Covid-19 hospitalization rates.

Soumya Karlamangla

Aug. 24, 2021, 8:52 a.m. ET


People getting vaccinated astatine  a session  successful  Paramount, Calif., this month.
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The Food and Drug Administration granted afloat approval to the Pfizer-BioNTech coronavirus vaccine connected Monday, paving the mode for much employers, schools and different organizations to mandate the shots.

“If you are not vaccinated, fto this beryllium the milestone that gets you there,” California’s nationalist wellness officer, Dr. Tomás Aragón, said aft the announcement.

Experts accidental that the highly contagious Delta variant not lone presents an unprecedented menace to those who are not vaccinated, but has besides provided ample grounds of the effectiveness of the vaccines.

In California, unvaccinated radical are much than six times arsenic apt to declaration the coronavirus than those who person their shots, according to authorities information released connected Monday.

And successful Los Angeles County, the state’s astir populous, an unvaccinated idiosyncratic is arsenic overmuch arsenic 25 times much apt to beryllium hospitalized with the disease.

“That, successful a sense, is our impervious that vaccines work,” said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, an infectious-disease adept astatine the University of California, Los Angeles’s Fielding School of Public Health.

Similar to however states with debased vaccination rates person been hard deed by the latest surge of the coronavirus, truthful person California counties wherever ample swaths of the colonisation stay unvaccinated.

Of the 20 California counties with the highest proportionality of residents presently hospitalized with the coronavirus, 19 person a vaccination complaint beneath the statewide mean of 55 percent, according to The New York Times’s coronavirus tracker. (The percentages see children nether 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccines.)

Some of the astir heavy affected counties successful California are Yuba (36 percent vaccinated), San Bernardino and Butte (both 42 percent).

By contrast, the counties with immoderate of the lowest hospitalization rates see Marin (75 percent vaccinated), Santa Clara (71 percent) and Santa Cruz (64 percent).

The proliferation of the Delta variant has revealed a signifier that was little wide erstwhile the microorganism wasn’t circulating arsenic widely, Kim-Farley told me.

“In a concern similar this wherever we’re seeing fundamentally Covid everywhere,” helium said, it is easier to spot the beardown correlation betwixt higher vaccination rates and little rates of disease.

Still, further factors whitethorn beryllium astatine play, experts say.

A caller survey by the University of Southern California recovered that radical who were unvaccinated were much apt than the vaccinated to spell to a barroom oregon a friend’s location and little apt to deterioration a disguise oregon debar ample gatherings.

In different words, radical who take not to get vaccinated are besides astir apt little disquieted astir Covid-19 and instrumentality less information precautions, contributing to their hazard of falling ill, said Kevin Malotte, a prof emeritus of epidemiology astatine Cal State Long Beach.

“Lack of disguise measures, deficiency of interest astir it, deficiency of vaccination are each benignant of the syndrome, and I deliberation that’s what we’re seeing correlate with the precocious rates,” Malotte told me.

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Credit...Jose Cruz for Sotheby’s International Realty


  • What you get: Check retired $800,000 homes successful Oakland, Ukiah and the Mojave Desert.

  • Mental wellness days: Several states person passed bills successful the past 2 years permitting children to beryllium absent from schoolhouse for intelligence wellness reasons, but California has nary specified law, despite the champion efforts of legislators and advocates.

  • Destructive wildfires: An estimated 153,000 acres of forests that are portion of California’s carbon-offset task — meant to counterbalance the c dioxide contamination being pumped into the ambiance by quality enactment — person already burned this summer.

  • Working from home: A soundless bulk of Americans privation to get backmost to the office, astatine slightest for a fewer days a week, and are increasing progressively glum arsenic the latest coronavirus surge prompts employers to hold the return, The Times’s Kellen Browning reports from San Francisco.


  • Caldor fire: The blaze southwest of Lake Tahoe has burned much than 104,000 acres.

  • Covid-19 surge: Hospitals successful the agrarian counties of Del Norte, Tuolumne, Lake, Humboldt, Nevada and Mendocino are present treating much Covid-19 patients than ever, breaking records acceptable during the wintertime surge, CalMatters reports.


  • Bakersfield police: Bakersfield has agreed to wide constabulary reforms arsenic portion of a colony with the California lawyer general’s bureau aft alleged abuses including the usage of excessive unit and improper stops, The Associated Press reports.


  • Drought fix: San Diego has begun a multibillion-dollar sewage recycling strategy nicknamed “toilet to tap” successful an effort to boost section h2o independency amid utmost droughts, The San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

  • Vaccine mandate: Compared with New York and San Francisco, Los Angeles is moving overmuch slower to enact a mandate to necessitate radical to amusement impervious of vaccination to participate bars and restaurants. Why does L.A. stay successful limbo? Capital & Main explores.

  • Cash for shots: Orange County is offering nonprofit organizations $20 for each Covid-19 vaccine dose administered successful an effort to get much radical vaccinated arsenic the county’s I.C.U. admissions spike, LAist reports.

  • Earthquake: A magnitude-4.0 earthquake shook Brawley successful Imperial County connected Monday morning, The Los Angeles Times reports.

  • Homeless favoritism lawsuit: A suit filed past twelvemonth accused San Diego metropolis officials of discriminating against stateless radical with disabilities portion trying to dilatory the dispersed of Covid-19. A justice has dismissed astir of the claims, according to The Los Angeles Times.


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Today’s California question extremity comes from Joanne Devereaux, a scholar who lives successful Oakland. Joanne writes:

On a wide time Mt. Tamalpais is disposable to galore thousands of radical surviving successful the Bay Area. At 2,500 feet of elevation, it tin beryllium seen from truthful galore vantage points. You tin hike the galore trails starring to the apical of Mt. Tam. On a foggy summertime day, it’s astonishing to acquisition hiking supra the fog layers to look down astatine the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island, Alcatraz and, if you are lucky, the Farallon Islands. An intrepid traveler mightiness adjacent enactment overnight astatine the West Point Inn, which allows a respite from a agelong (but good worthy it) hike.

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Chaffey College successful Rancho Cucamonga has received a astir $3 cardinal assistance to assistance bid students successful welding, a increasing but overlooked industry, reports LAist.

Officials from Chaffey, a assemblage college, accidental that the backing volition beryllium utilized to “support students who are the archetypal successful their families to spell to college, students of colour and those from debased socioeconomic backgrounds.”

Thanks for reading. I’ll beryllium backmost tomorrow. — Soumya

P.S. Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: “I’m to blasted for that,” slangily (3 letters).

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