How to download Spotify music, playlists, and podcasts to a Wear OS smartwatch

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(Pocket-lint) - Good quality for those of you who usage Spotify with a Wear OS smartwatch: Support for offline playback is rolling retired present to Spotify’s Wear OS app.

The institution has confirmed the quality aft some users connected Reddit reported they were already capable to usage the feature. Keep successful caput Spotify besides revealed connected 11 August 2021 that its Wear OS app volition person offline playback “over the coming weeks". You'll beryllium capable to download tunes straight to your Wear OS smartwatch and won't request your telephone to bash so. This is evidently perfect for runners and those who similar to permission their telephone down but inactive person entree to music.

With this caller feature, Premium users volition beryllium capable to download their favourite albums, playlists, and podcasts to perceive offline. Free users volition beryllium capable to watercourse their tunes successful Shuffle Mode utilizing a WiFi oregon cellular connection, arsenic good arsenic download immoderate of their favourite podcasts straight to the watch.

It's worthy noting offline playback for Spotify is already disposable for Apple Watch users.

How to usage offline playback successful Spotify’s Wear OS app.

According to a Spotify blog, these volition beryllium the download steps erstwhile the update launches:

  1. From your watch, find the euphony and podcasts you privation to download connected your watch.
  2. Tap Download to watch.
  3. To cheque connected the progress, spell to the Downloads conception connected your watch.
    • You should spot the selected playlists, albums, oregon podcasts successful your library.
    • When they are downloaded, you’ll spot a small greenish arrow adjacent to their names.
  4. Connect your headphones and commencement listening implicit Wi-Fi oregon a cellular connection.

Anything other you should know?

Yes. There are immoderate things to support successful mind.

Spotify said your smartwatch volition request to tally Wear OS 2.0 oregon newer to usage offline playback connected Spotify, and lone Spotify Premium subscribers are capable to download and albums and playlists for offline listening. That said, some paid and escaped users tin download podcasts for offline playback. Free users volition beryllium capable to watercourse tunes successful Shuffle Mode implicit a Wi-Fi oregon cellular connection, beyond being capable to download their favourite podcasts to their watch.

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