Ikea's Asus ROG gear hits the UK and US soon

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(Pocket-lint) - It's been conscionable a shadiness implicit a twelvemonth since Ikea and Asus archetypal announced they were moving unneurotic connected a enactment of gaming accessories and furniture, and aft a motorboat successful China earlier this year, the assorted items successful the scope are yet going to beryllium disposable successful the US and UK.

The scope volition debut connected 1 October 2021, successful conscionable a fewer weeks, and marque it dormant casual to outfit your gaming abstraction similar a pro streamer, without having to root things from a assortment of antithetic sellers.

There are perfectly loads of items successful the range, which is comprised of six antithetic families of products. Only 1 of those families, Uppspel, has really been worked connected with Asus, portion the others are conscionable things that Ikea's been capable to marque utilizing its ain expertise.

You tin find gaming chairs, desks, PC stands, accessories holders and way, mode more, truthful it'll beryllium worthy checking retired the Ikea website astatine the commencement of October to spot what you mightiness beryllium capable to adhd to your setup.

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In classical Ikea style, of course, overmuch of it is highly reasonably priced, with items starting from conscionable £7.50 - admittedly, galore of them are things you mightiness not request to replace, similar a h2o bottle, but inactive - it's large that much affordable options are coming to the space.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 17 September 2021.

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