Leaked iPhone 13 Pro cases confirm smaller notch and thicker body

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(Pocket-lint) - The upcoming iPhone 13 series volition diagnostic a smaller notch, a thicker chassis, and a generously accrued camera-housing expansion. 

Perhaps the biggest plan alteration this twelvemonth volition beryllium an astir 25 per cent size simplification successful the ever polarising 'notch', thing that’s happening for the archetypal clip since its instauration connected the iPhone X successful 2017. 

While these rumours aren't wholly caller to us, the accusation is further confirmed successful a bid of caller photos published by svetapple.sk, which look to amusement cases made for the iPhone 13 Pro atop the assemblage of an iPhone 12 Pro. The photographs show conscionable however dramatically accrued the caller camera modules volition beryllium successful size arsenic compared to the existent iPhone 12 lineup. 

At the moment, the iPhone 12 Pro is 7.4mm thick, astir a 10 per cent simplification connected the erstwhile procreation iPhone 11 Pro which measured successful astatine 8.1mm thick. This September, however, erstwhile Apple announces the iPhone 13, we should expect to spot a paltry summation - astir 0.2mm - bringing the 13 to a full thickness of 7.54mm. 

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As per a crushed for the increase, each signs constituent to a maturation successful the artillery department, which Apple hopes volition offset the accrued powerfulness demands the longly expected 120Hz display volition require. 

As the photos show, the camera module volition turn from 3.98cm diagonally to 4.5cm connected the Pro Max series, portion seeing a leap from 3.71cm to 3.9cm connected the smaller 12 Pro and mini variations. 

Source: svetapple.sk

Finally, the cases besides uncover that the measurement and powerfulness buttons volition spot a 4th of an inch (6.35mm) displacement downward compared to this years lineup.  

For each the details, photos and accusation we've collected connected the upcoming iPhone 13 series, cheque retired our implicit overview by tapping close here.  

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published connected 24 August 2021.

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