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Billy Strings volition merchandise his caller album, Renewal, September 24 via Rounder Records. Ahead of the release, caller song, “Fire Line,” debuted Friday. Listen above. Produced by Jonathan Wilson and recorded astatine Nashville’s Sound Emporium Studios, Renewal solidifies Strings’ presumption arsenic a singular artist—one who honors the past of the euphony that inspires him, portion continually pushing it forward. With the record’s sixteen tracks, Strings shares a much idiosyncratic and honorable position done his songwriting, portion incorporating his wide scope of influences with elements of bluegrass, classical rock, metal, psychedelic euphony and more.

Reflecting connected the album, Strings shares, “A batch of radical telephone america a bluegrass set and I don’t adjacent cognize if that’s what we are anymore. You’ve got to fto the opus bash its thing. So that’s what I effort to do—write songs and fto them travel retired nevertheless they do. I perceive to it present and it’s emotional. I’ve ever doubted myself, and I inactive do, but this medium makes maine think, ‘Hey, you’re doing each right, kid. You conscionable request to support going.’”

In summation to Strings (vocals, guitar, mandolin, piano, synth, guitjo) and Wilson (celesta, percussion, harpsicord), the grounds features Strings’ band—Billy Failing (banjo, piano, inheritance vocals), Royal Masat (bass, inheritance vocals) and Jarrod Walker (mandolin, guitar, inheritance vocals)—as good arsenic peculiar impermanent musicians Spencer Cullum (pedal steel), John Mailander (violin) and Grant Millikem (synth).

Known for his electrical unrecorded performances, Strings volition marque his debut connected PBS’ “Austin City Limits” arsenic portion of the legendary program’s upcoming 47th play and volition proceed his extended header circuit done the extremity of this year.

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