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Nashville-based pop-rock radical The Band Camino, has officially announced their caller self-titled debut album, which volition beryllium released connected September 10 via dblblk/Elektra Records. The set has been dropping caller songs for fans to preview successful 2021, including “1 Last Cigarette” “Sorry Mom,” and “Roses.” The Band Camino besides drops their caller azygous from the forthcoming grounds titled “Know It All” contiguous – perceive above. The Band Camino volition besides deed the roadworthy this Fall successful enactment of state duo Dan + Shay connected their 2021 U.S. tour, from September 9 – December 7, hitting Madison Square Garden successful NYC, New York connected September 16.

Produced by Jordan M Schmidt and enforcement produced by Jameson Roper, the full medium was recorded implicit the span of 40 days astatine Sonic Ranch successful Tortillo, Texas. Armed with the thought of removing themselves from the remainder of the satellite to absorption solely connected the music, the medium was chopped overmuch similar an aged schoolhouse record; playing done each opus and signaling arsenic they went. Their mentality was to absorption connected 1 opus each time and past revisit them, allowing clip distant for caller position and caller ears. What transpired was The Band Camino’s debut full-length medium — a grounds which leans into the band’s emotion for unrecorded instrumentation and passionateness for storytelling done popular music.

Says the band: “We truly consciousness similar the medium showcases the multifaceted soundscape that is The Band Camino. We’re excited to yet beryllium capable to stock it with the world.”

Their caller single, “Know It All,” was penned by each 3 set members (along with predominant collaborators Jordan Schmidt, Geoff Warburton and Seth Ennis), and features The Band Camino’s signature marque of electric, pop-rock melody. Reminiscing an aged relationship, the lyrics archer a erstwhile occurrence that their caller crush doesn’t cognize them successful the aforesaid way, and that their caller narration is frankincense lacking. Opening with “Somebody told maine that you recovered idiosyncratic caller and you’re happy…” the span past offers a bittersweet send-off to the erstwhile relationship: “Honestly, I anticipation you’re happy, anticipation you’re doing well. I inactive support your secrets adjacent though you’re with idiosyncratic else.”

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