Michigan Republicans Debunk The Big Lie Then Call For More Voter Suppression

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The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee released a report debunking Trump’s voter fraud claims in the state, but also called for more voter suppression.

NBC News reported:

“There were two claims of deceased individuals casting votes that were found to be true; one was a clerical error while the other was a timing issue,” the report said. “The Committee concluded that none of these constituted fraudulent election activities or manipulations.”

The committee also found no evidence “indicating that hundreds of thousands of absentee voter ballots were mailed to Michigan voters without previously being requested,” though it recommended that the secretary of state discontinue mailing out unsolicited ballot applications.

The report also addressed claims of late-night “ballot dumps” in Detroit. The basis of one claim was a video that actually showed a local news photographer hauling equipment, not ballots. A second video, the committee said, depicted the unloading of absentee ballots from a van around 3:30 a.m. after Election Day, but there was no evidence the ballots were fraudulent.

The reason why it is called the Big Lie is that it is all a lie that Trump hopes will gain legitimacy if it is repeated often enough. Outside of the fact that the report came from Republicans, there isn’t a lot of unknown news in their findings.

Most people aren’t Trump cultists and they already know that there was no election fraud. The report confirms for people what was widely proven elsewhere. Joe Biden won the election because he was the better candidate who ran the better campaign.

These are Republicans, so of course they didn’t stop at debunking the big lie. Michigan Republicans also endorsed a series of more than three dozen voter suppression bills that they have proposed.

One week ago, Republicans in the state legislature passed three voter ID bills.

The series of voter suppression bills have been blasted by leaders of the state’s largest businesses, civil rights groups, and Democrats.

Michigan Republicans didn’t like Trump’s big lie, but they are totally on board with stealing your right to vote.

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