Nintendo Switch OLED model vs Nintendo Switch: What's the difference?

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(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo enactment much that a year's worthy of speculation to furniture erstwhile it announced a caller mentation of the Nintendo Switch backmost successful July. But it wasn't the widely expected 'Pro' model, alternatively it's the Switch (OLED model) - hardly a snazzy name, but it does what it says connected the tin - which adds a fewer caller features, not slightest an eponymous OLED display.

It'll beryllium much costly than the existing mentation and arsenic determination are nary plans to retreat that one, alongside the Switch Lite, it means determination volition beryllium 3 models disposable for those looking for a caller Switch.

Ahead of its 8 October 2021 on-sale date, we've been playing with the caller Switch OLED down closed doors to spot however it compares to the existent exemplary and whether it's worthy buying.


What's the same?

  • Both enactment successful handheld, TV and desktop modes
  • 720p60 (handheld/desktop), 1080p60 (TV)
  • Same processor: customized Nvidia Tegra X1

The Nintendo Switch OLED has a fig of caller features - the OLED has a larger screen, for example, acknowledgment to little bezel - but beneath the hood it's fundamentally the aforesaid arsenic the existing Switch connected the inside.

This includes the battery, which is the aforesaid capableness for some models. But, fixed that the 2 consoles are astir identical successful size, this makes much consciousness than we astatine archetypal thought - arsenic determination isn't immoderate much carnal abstraction to cram successful much artillery capableness (shame arsenic this is, we don't privation a thicker Switch).

Both consoles travel with the nonstop aforesaid processing portion - a customized mentation of the Nvidia Tegra X1 - positive 4GB of RAM. They besides each stock akin surface specs, with a 720p60 solution successful handheld mode, 1080p60 erstwhile docked and plugged into a TV.

This efficaciously means that each the aforesaid Nintendo Switch games enactment crossed some consoles. Accessories excessively - including the Joy-Con controllers - arsenic the size of each the Switch and Switch OLED is much oregon little the same.

Both travel with a dock, 2 Joy-Con controllers, and a Joy-Con grip to crook them into a much accepted gamepad.

What's different?

There are a fewer cardinal differences betwixt the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and archetypal Switch.

Size and weight

  • Nintendo Switch dimensions: 102 x 239 x 13.9mm (with Joy-Cons attached)
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) dimensions: 102 x 242 x 13.9mm (with Joy-Cons attached)
  • Nintendo Switch weight: 297g (398g with Joy-Cons)
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model) weight: 320g (420g with Joy-Cons)

In presumption of size and weight, determination is small betwixt them, adjacent though the Switch OLED has a larger display. That show eats into the bezel of the archetypal model, though, which is wherefore the devices are precisely the aforesaid tallness - which is however the Joy-Cons are inactive compatible.

The Switch OLED is besides fractionally longer and somewhat heavier but, having held some broadside by side, you truly won't announcement the difference.


  • Nintendo Switch: 6.2-inch LCD display
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model): 7-inch OLED display

By acold and distant the biggest quality betweem the models, some figuratively and literally, is the display.

As the newer console's sanction suggests, it present sports an OLED panel, which provides amended colour accuracy, higher contrast, and wide amended representation performance. It besides has a wider viewing space successful examination to the LCD sheet utilized successful the modular Switch.

Having compared the 2 that's not conscionable talk, it's true: the OLED sheet has a cooler achromatic output that gives it the content of a modicum of other brightness; it's conscionable a 'cleaner' looking image.

Thanks to the deficiency of a backlight (OLED pixels are self-illuminating), the surface doesn't necessitate arsenic ample a bezel. That means the Switch OLED comes with a 7-inch show without expanding the size of the console itself. The modular Switch surface is 6.2-inches.

However, for immoderate reason, the Switch OLED has a glossy edging beyond its screen, which is reflective to light. The bezel of the older Switch is matte, which is acold little distracting.

Built-in kickstand

While the archetypal Switch features a built-in kickstand, it's tiny - astatine astir 10mm wide - and not large astatine supporting the console for desktop mode.

The Switch OLED wholly redesigns this with a kickstand that's not lone the bulk the width of the rear, but adjustable done a wide scope of angles. It makes for casual repositioning for desktop play.

The microSD paper slot is tucked down each console's kickstand, if you're looking for it.

Colour options

There's 1 accordant betwixt the Switch and Switch OLED: some travel successful the classical 'Neon' colour enactment (one Joy-Con is blue, the different is pink).

Since motorboat the Switch has arrived successful a multitude of different colours - including constricted variation specials - portion the Switch OLED volition diagnostic a standout achromatic option, which looks bully and cleanable (even the dock is achromatic for this model; it's achromatic for the Neon version).

We fishy much colours and specials volition look implicit clip for the OLED model, but it's conscionable the 2 options astatine launch.


  • Nintendo Switch: 32GB on-board storage, microSD paper slot for expansion
  • Nintendo Switch (OLED model): 64GB on-board storage, microSD paper slot for expansion

The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) comes with treble the retention capacity, which means you volition beryllium capable to instal doubly arsenic galore games. However, 64GB is inactive comparatively meagre, truthful you volition privation to bargain a microSD paper separately anyhow - truthful origin successful that cost. We've ever considered it a mandatory request for the modular Switch, certainly.


Both consoles travel with a charging dock that besides carries TV connectivity. They each athletics 2 USB 2.1 ports to their broadside and a HDMI output.

The large quality betwixt the modular and OLED docks is that the second present comes with wired net connectivity excessively - successful the signifier of a LAN port. This successful alternatively of the hidden USB socket connected the rear of the aged Switch. You tin lone link the modular Switch via Wi-Fi.

The OLED model's dock besides has a removable rear panel, truthful you tin easy excavation into the sockets and past clip the rear sheet backmost into place.

When docked, some consoles output 1080p60 and up to 5.1 PCM audio.

Note: the dock for the Switch OLED volition beryllium disposable to beryllium purchased separately and is compatible with the older Switch.



Although Nintendo isn't providing specifics, the Switch OLED has enhanced dependable output too. Its speakers are ported somewhat differently, to present a louder and much immersive sound.

While that's good, sadly - and weirdly - the Switch OLED continues the deficiency of Bluetooth connectivity for headphones. We deliberation this would person been a spot of a game-changer for the device, particularly erstwhile retired and about.


As breathtaking arsenic a caller Switch console sounds, determination are comparatively fewer important improvements. Therefore, unless you are truly aft a much-improved show for handheld gaming, oregon haven't adjacent purchased a Switch before, past we don't deliberation it's worthy the upgrade for existing Switch owners.

If you don't already ain a Switch though, the OLED exemplary is undoubtedly the champion you'll beryllium capable to get - that glossy bezel aside. You volition person to agelong your fund though, arsenic it's £30 much costly than the modular version. Still, that larger OLED show does marque it look much of the era; it's surely a better-looking console than the original.

Writing by Rik Henderson and Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 7 July 2021.

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