Republicans Silent As Biden Gets 21,600 People Out Of Afghanistan In A Single Day

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President Biden is getting doubly arsenic galore radical retired of Afghanistan arsenic nationalist information officials acceptable arsenic their goal, and Republicans are saying nothing.

The White House provided caller numbers connected evacuations to PoliticusUSA:

From August 23 astatine 3:00 AM EDT to August 24 astatine 3:00 AM EDT, a full of astir 21,600 radical were evacuated from Kabul.  This is the effect of 37 US subject flights (32 C-17s and 5 C-130s) which carried astir 12,700 evacuees, and 57 conjugation flights which carried 8,900 people.

Since August 14, the U.S. has evacuated and facilitated the evacuation of astir 58,700 people. Since the extremity of July, we person re-located astir 63,900 people.

John Harwood noted that this is 2 to 4 times higher than the extremity acceptable by quality officials:

Biden nationalist information officials past week acceptable extremity of evacuating 5K-9K per time from Afghanistan this morning, WH says 21,600 were flown retired of Kabul successful past 24 hours - 12,700 connected US subject flights, 8,900 connected allied conjugation flights total evacuees successful past 10 days: 58,700


Nearly 64,000 People Evacuated Without A Single Life Lost

Republicans person been criticizing Biden for the Afghanistan airlift portion sidesplitting hundreds of radical a time successful states wherever they are successful complaint of authorities with COVID.

It is not astonishing that arsenic the Biden airlift cognition has ramped up, the lone happening that Republicans and Fox News tin bash is absurdly assertion that Americans are being stranded successful Afghanistan.

The GOP was already readying an full 2022 onslaught advertisement run astir the airlift, but it those ads whitethorn backfire as, astatine the existent pace, the US airlift volition beryllium a monolithic success.

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