Ripple price analysis: XRP poised for a fresh move from $1.24

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If upside momentum increases, XRP/USD could trial absorption astatine $1.28 and perchance determination towards $1.42

XRP terms is struggling for upside adjacent a captious absorption level, with its worth conscionable successful the greenish astatine clip of writing. The XRP/USD brace is presently changing hands adjacent $1.24, a portion that is apt to spot a caller rejection oregon breakout to caller highs.

A look astatine the marketplace shows that the apical 2 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, person besides been facing immoderate selling unit aft breaching $50,000 and $3,300 respectively. If the wide sentiment pushes cryptocurrencies into the red, XRP mightiness spot losses beneath $1.20. 

However, arsenic bulls look to clasp sizeable control, a decent determination successful the other absorption would invitation caller bids and possibly trigger a caller rally to $1.42 oregon adjacent $1.66.

XRP terms outlook

The XRP terms position suggests a play of comparative quiescent mightiness let for further consolidation successful the $1.20 to $1.28 range. The Bollinger Bands indicator is narrowing to item decreased volatility, which sets up XRP/USD for a imaginable retest of the little set arsenic bulls conflict to breach the obstruction astatine the mediate curve.

The cryptocurrency's terms connected the 4-hour illustration besides shows XRP bulls are struggling near the 0.5 Fibonacci retracement level of the macro determination from $1.97 to $0.50. The hurdle is presented astatine the $1.24 terms level, which has added to the anticipation of caller downward moves.

XRP/USD 4-hour chart. Source: TradingView

Bulls tin forestall different downswing if they clasp XRP terms supra the ascending trendline of the highlighted triangle pattern. This enactment has kept Ripple's bullish outlook intact since the archetypal week of August and is presently looking to bash the same. 

The anticipation of a rebound is determination fixed the 4-hour RSI indicator is supra 50, suggesting buyers person a flimsy edge.

If bulls registry different bounce disconnected the trendline, consolidation supra the 0.5 Fib level ($1.24) could let bulls to breach horizontal absorption astatine $1.28. This determination would unfastened XRP/USD to morganatic moves towards the 0.618 Fib level ($1.42) and past the 0.786 Fib level ($1.66).

On the downside, exhaustion for the bulls mightiness spot XRP terms determination beneath the aforementioned trendline and the Bollinger bands’ enactment curve. The bands presently supply an anchor astir $1.20, but a wide breakdown amid accrued selling unit could propulsion XRP/USD to the horizontal enactment level astatine $1.09. Beyond this, buyers mightiness trust connected the request portion astatine $0.85 — the 0.236 Fib level.

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