Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 release date, rumours, news and features

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung whitethorn person lone released its caller flagship smartwatch past summer, but it's present wide that we'll beryllium welcoming 2 models of the Galaxy Watch this August, with the Galaxy Watch 4 acceptable to win the Galaxy Watch Active 2. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, meanwhile, volition instrumentality the spot of the Galaxy Watch 3.

If the existent hints crook retired to beryllium true, Samsung's determination to unify its smartwatch lines nether 1 sanction would beryllium a precise invited one, aft years of inconsistent branding and motorboat cycles.

With thing officially confirmed yet, though, we're inactive tracking each the latest manufacture whispers and reports. This diagnostic focuses connected the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, including the merchandise date, terms and features.

Release day and price

  • Announcement expected 11 August
  • Availability expected 27 August
  • From £300 / $415?

As we alluded to up top, judging merchandise dates and names for Samsung's smartwatches has been a changeless conflict since the aged Gear moniker was dropped. The 2nd procreation of the Galaxy Watch Active launched astir six months aft the original, portion the Galaxy Watch enactment skipped implicit the Watch 2 wholly and went consecutive to the existent flagship, the Watch 3.

Rumours suggest this twelvemonth volition spot the sportier Galaxy Watch 4 volition win the Galaxy Watch Active 2, portion the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic volition win the Watch 3, streamlining the naming of the devices.

Samsung volition clasp its adjacent Galaxy Unpacked 2021 lawsuit connected 11 August wherever the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic are some expected to beryllium revealed. Availability could past commencement connected 27 August, it's been said.

With respect to pricing, the 40mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 volition reportedly beryllium astatine €350 to €370 (which astir converts to £299 to £320 / $415 to $440), portion the 44mm variant volition outgo betwixt €380 and €400 (which should upwind up costing astir £325 to £345 / $450 to $475).

Another study suggests CAD 310 (around $250/£180) for the 40mm model, and CAD 347 (around $280/£200) for the 44mm exemplary though, truthful it could beryllium cheaper than archetypal rumours initially claimed.


  • Two lawsuit sizes
  • Three lawsuit colours, aggregate set options
  • No rotating bezel

There person been a fig of leaks surrounding the plan of the Galaxy Watch 4. Since the emergence of what appears to beryllium authoritative property images, though, there's not overmuch is near to speculate about.

We present cognize that the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic volition diagnostic a precise akin plan to the Gear S3 and Galaxy Watch lines, arsenic expected, portion the sportier exemplary volition travel the plan DNA of the aged Watch Active watches.

The Watch 4 looks apt to beryllium disposable successful silver, achromatic and golden cases with a wider assortment of set colours, including blue, green, achromatic and pink, than the much superior Watch 4 Classic.

It's besides been claimed the instrumentality volition diagnostic 2D solid and a narrower bezel than Watch Active models, arsenic good arsenic a framework made of titanium. More pronounced buttons and a strap much connected to the bezel appears likely, too.

Speculation suggests we'll spot 40mm and 44mm lawsuit sizes for the Watch 4. Water absorption and MIL-STD 810G durability person besides been mooted, with Gorilla Glass 4 expected for show protection.

Features and specs

  • Galaxy Watch 4 acceptable to debut Wear OS 3
  • Watch faces leak amusement Google integration
  • Blood glucose monitoring could feature

Rumours are inactive astatine an aboriginal signifier regarding some features and hardware specs, but we bash person a mates of tidbits that could assistance specify the adjacent procreation of Samsung smartwatches. 

Google and Samsung person teamed up to present a bundle acquisition that integrates the champion of Tizen, Wear OS and Fitbit fittingness tracking, debuting successful the signifier of Wear OS 3 connected Samsung's watches.

The collaboration was archetypal announced astatine Google I/O successful May, with Samsung detailing much astir the One Watch UI bundle during its 28 June event. It's said the Watch 4 could travel with a 5nm spot to instrumentality vantage of this software. 

We besides present person a amended thought of however Wear OS 3 volition look connected the Galaxy Watch 4, with a leaked promo clip, below, showing disconnected a clump of fun, sporty ticker faces.

Here's a small Galaxy Watch 4 tease, acknowledgment to our tipster!

— SamMobile (@SamMobiles) July 27, 2021

Interestingly, arsenic with the leaked clip showing disconnected the Watch 4 Classic, integration with services specified arsenic Google Maps, arsenic good arsenic fittingness metrics similar assemblage creation and steps, are besides seen.

Following a listing connected Amazon Canada, the Watch 4 is besides said to travel successful Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and connectivity options. Features are said to see humor oxygen monitoring, bosom complaint monitoring, VO2 Max, precocious slumber tracking and assemblage creation analysis.

Elsewhere, it seems imaginable that a header diagnostic of the adjacent procreation could beryllium non-invasive glucose monitoring, though this whitethorn lone look connected the Watch 4 Classic, if astatine all.

The rumour follows a study from CNET regarding Samsung's Advanced Institute of Technology, which has developed a method called "Raman spectroscopy" that leverages lasers to way glucose levels with capable accuracy to assistance users debar pricking their fingers.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: What's happened truthful far?

Here's everything we've heard truthful acold regarding the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

29 July 2021: Suspected Galaxy Watch 4 promo clip leaks

A leaked clip, which appears to beryllium authoritative promo material, has been leaked by SamMobile. The 40-second video shows disconnected ticker faces, arsenic good arsenic integration with Google's services and fittingness tracking elements. 

21 July 2021: Samsung confirms Galaxy Unpacked

Samsung has officially sent retired invites for its adjacent Galaxy Unpacked event, which volition instrumentality spot connected 11 August, arsenic rumours suggested.

15 July 2021: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic specs and terms elaborate connected Amazon

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic were some briefly listed connected Amazon Canada earlier being taken down. Their merchandise date, prices and immoderate specs were detailed.

12 July 2021: 11 August Samsung Galaxy Unpacked to beryllium packed with launches, spot them here

Evan Blass posted a fig of abbreviated videos connected his Twitter relationship to contiguous what helium claims volition beryllium announced connected 11 August. The Galaxy Watch 4 was included arsenic 1 of the videos and it's shown disconnected from aggregate angles and successful assorted colours.

— Evan Blass (@evleaks) July 10, 2021

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5 July 2021: Samsung Galaxy 4 prices leak; Galaxy Unpacked day confirmed

A wide scope of prices for the 2 expected Samsung smartwatches surfaced successful a report, indicating that the Classic model, successful particular, won't travel cheap.

Samsung besides confirmed the day for its Galaxy Unpacked event, which volition instrumentality spot connected 11 August.

30 June 2021: Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021 could instrumentality spot connected 11 August

Some renders of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 had 11 August arsenic a day connected the display, suggesting Unpacked could instrumentality spot then.

28 June 2021: Samsung officially teases adjacent Galaxy Watch, launching "this summer"

Samsung held a virtual MWC event astatine the extremity of June, wherever it not lone revealed much details surrounding its One UI Watch level that it has created successful concern with Google, but it besides officially teased its adjacent Galaxy Watches.

28 June 2021: Samsung previews One UI Watch experience, sitting connected its level developed with Google

Samsung held a virtual showcase wherever it shed a small much airy connected its forthcoming Galaxy Watch and the One UI Watch interface that volition tally connected it.

28 June 2021: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 property images amusement plan earlier the authoritative event

91Mobiles posted alleged property images of the Galaxy Watch 4 online, giving america an denotation of what we tin expect from the device.

23 June 2021: Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 4 renders springiness america our champion presumption yet of the upcoming smartwatch

Renders from @OnLeaks and GizNext springiness america our clearest denotation of what the Watch Active 4 volition look like.

11 June 2021: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with WearOS could beryllium revealed connected 28 June

Samsung has a virtual lawsuit called "Galaxy Ecosystem/New Watch Experience/Mobile Security" scheduled for Monday 28 June, starting astatine 19:15 CEST. Following the announcement of the caller WearOS, this lawsuit could spot a caller ticker appear, but thing is confirmed arsenic yet.

21 May 2021: Samsung's adjacent ticker could athletics a 5nm spot to assistance the caller Wear OS shine

Serial leaker Ice Universe has claimed the Samsung Watch Active 4 could travel with a 5nm processor, slimmer bezel and a framework made from titanium, arsenic good arsenic 2D glass.

18 May 2021: Google redesigns Wear OS with Samsung and Fitbit

Google announced redesigned Wear OS successful collaboration with Samsung and Fitbit.

6 March 2021: Q2 merchandise day suggested by leaker

Renowned leaker Ice Universe delivers a succinct hint via Twitter astatine erstwhile the adjacent Samsung wearables volition launch, indicating that some the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 volition motorboat successful Q2 2021.

19 February 2021: Leaker hints astatine Wear OS replacing Tizen

The oft-rumoured power from Tizen to Wear OS is suggested by reliable tipster Ice Universe via Twitter, suggesting that Samsung's caller ticker volition driblet its ain OS for "Android".

19 February 2021: Model names for 2 smartwatches appear

As reported by Galaxy Club, Samsung is processing 2 watches for merchandise successful 2021 - with the exemplary numbers being SM-R86x and SM-R87x.

25 January 2021: Blood glucose monitoring whitethorn debut

Korean outlet ET News suggests that Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4 volition beryllium the archetypal to diagnostic non-invasive humor glucose tracking.

Writing by Conor Allison. Editing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 8 March 2021.

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