Scott slams Raiders for leaking teammate fight

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Curtis Scott has teed disconnected astatine the Raiders successful an explosive Instagram station accusing the nine of leaking "in location information" and kicking him portion he's down.

The Raiders yesterday sacked Scott 2 seasons into his four-year declaration with the club, putting an extremity to a turbulent narration that was damaged by respective off-field incidents.

Following his sacking caller details astir Scott's clip astatine the nine came to light, with News Corp revealing a combat betwixt the 23-year-old and his past teammate John Bateman had travel into the board's information arsenic his aboriginal was determined.

Curtis Scott during a nonaccomplishment to the Rabbitohs. (Getty)

According to the News Corp report, Scott injured his manus successful the combat aft a squad function, causing him to miss respective games past season.

The combat was kept retired of the media for 12 months, with the Raiders reportedly choosing to woody with the substance successful house, truthful it intelligibly infuriated Scott erstwhile it spilled into the nationalist domain yesterday.

Taking to Instagram precocious past night, Scott posted a surface drawback of the News Corp study with an affectional connection attached.

"I opened up astir highly idiosyncratic accusation regarding my intelligence wellness and existent struggles," Scott wrote, referencing an interrogation conducted with The Daily Telegraph connected the play that revealed helium had sought assistance from Alcoholics Anonymous, "I person conscionable mislaid what feels similar everything to maine and I can't recognize wherefore Canberra has continued to footwear maine portion I'm down and present leak successful location accusation that was dealt with implicit a twelvemonth agone regarding a erstwhile player.

Former Raiders subordinate John Bateman (Getty)

"The nine has thing to summation retired of this, but hopes of reasoning for their deficiency of support. In my sentiment it's a debased enactment and they person shown and proved that they person nary existent attraction origin for players welfare."

Scott past referenced the messy caller departure of English halfback George Williams, who was sent packing from the nine by substance connection aft failing up to a grooming league arsenic helium struggled with homesickness.

Williams had repeatedly requested a merchandise from his declaration astatine the extremity of the play and had those requests denied anterior to the bombshell last decision.

George Williams (Getty)

"It's not the archetypal clip this has happened to a subordinate astatine the Raiders who has travel retired astir intelligence wellness struggles," Scott continued.

He concluded the station with a "massive acknowledgment to everyone for each the supportive messages".

With his declaration astatine the Raiders torn up Scott's aboriginal successful rugby league is unclear.

He has not played since Round 12 this play but was antecedently considered a apt aboriginal Origin prima and helium is inactive conscionable 23. Scott burst onto the country arsenic a teen with the Storm, playing 49 games for the nine betwixt 2016 and 2019 earlier joining the Raiders connected a large wealth deal.

He played 23 games for Canberra successful his 2 seasons determination earlier his sacking.

Andrew Johns' proposal for Canberra's Curtis Scott

Last nighttime connected Nine's 100% Footy, Canterbury wide manager Phil Gould said it had gotten exhausting sticking up for players implicit and implicit again pursuing mediocre behvaiour disconnected the field.

"The clime has changed. They can't support putting themselves into this position. I've been arsenic protective of players of the years arsenic anyone but it starts to deterioration you down implicit clip erstwhile communal consciousness falls down and they support putting themselves successful this position," Gould said.

"When you look astatine each incidental they're not each that major, they're conscionable insignificant things and immoderate of them are beyond their ain power but the information they're successful that situation and they recognize the ramifications erstwhile thing goes wrong. The caput boggles."

Yet Cronulla large Paul Gallen said Scott was inactive young capable to prevention his career, contempt having a lengthy rap sheet.

"For idiosyncratic similar him he's young capable for idiosyncratic to shingle him and accidental 'wake up to yourself' you can't support doing these things," Gallen said connected 100% Footy.

"If helium tin beryllium astir radical who marque definite helium gets location OK helium tin inactive marque a vocation retired of rugby league."

Scott's lawyer, Sam Macedone, is considering launching ineligible enactment against the Raiders for unlawful dismissal, according to News Corp.

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