This RV Stock Just Doubled Its Dividend

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Updated Aug. 24, 2021 8:26 americium ET / Original Aug. 23, 2021 5:37 p.m. ET

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A Camping World determination successful Redding, Calif.


Camping World Holdings banal was up 6% successful premarket trading Tuesday pursuing the company’s announcement Monday that it volition treble its dividend.

The recreational conveyance dealer’s banal was astatine $39.55 astatine astir 8:25 a.m. Tuesday, up 6.2% versus its earlier closing terms of $37.26.

Camping World Holdings (ticker: CWH) said successful a merchandise Monday aft the marketplace closed that the regular quarterly dividend volition summation to 50 cents a stock from 25 cents. On an annualized basis, it volition beryllium $2 a share, up from $1.

The company, headquartered successful Lincolnshire, Ill., operates a nationalist web of RV dealerships and work centers.

The stock, which was precocious yielding 1.1%, has returned astir 45% this twelvemonth done Monday’s close, dividends included, up of the S&P 500’ s 25% result.

As evidenced by the stock’s performance, investors person shown assurance that the institution tin get done the pandemic successful comparatively amended signifier than different travel-related companies similar cruise lines, adjacent with unpredictable factors similar the Delta variant surfacing.

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