Whiskey Jam Celebrates It’s 10th Anniversary

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Boasting much than 500 Monday nights, 750+ unrecorded events, implicit 1 cardinal successful attendance and 2,250 performances by the artists and songwriters down 300 No. 1 songs, 75+ ACM Awards, 50 CMA Awards and 25 GRAMMY Awards, Nashville’s hottest ongoing performance bid Whiskey Jam, established January 2011, celebrated its 10th day past week. With an unthinkable nighttime of euphony connected a Monday – arsenic is its contented – the performance lawsuit packed the historical Ryman Auditorium for an unforgettable nighttime with an full line-up of astonishment performances.

“We started Whiskey Jam implicit 10 years agone due to the fact that the guitar-pull set-up felt stale to effort and repeat. We’re fortunate to already person places similar The Bluebird Café and The Grand Ole Opry, rooms similar the Listening Room and Exit/In, nevertheless if you’re not capable to gully a assemblage to those places yet, determination truly wasn’t a spot that had a built-in assemblage of euphony fans each week. As songwriters, we conscionable needed a spot to get up, jam, neglect oregon alert and past person a portion instantly aft to speech oregon laughter astir it,” offers Ward Guenther. “It’s brainsick to deliberation that this strategy based connected the currency of clip and paying it guardant has carried connected for 10 years arsenic the crowds put successful the artists connected their mode up and get to spot them erstwhile they’re immense stars and vice versa. We are truthful grateful for this community,” said the Apple Music Radio big earlier concluding, “we can’t hold to spot however this grows successful the adjacent 10, and if past nighttime was immoderate indication, the creator assemblage is ready!”

Attracting artists of each genres and backgrounds, astatine varying stages of their career, Whiskey Jam has seen artists including Chris Stapleton, Kacey Musgraves, Maren Morris, Kane Brown, Sam Hunt, Luke Combs, Melissa Etheridge, Jelly Roll and OneRepublic marque their debut. Combs shares this of the series, “I inactive retrieve erstwhile I archetypal played Whiskey Jam. I had overheard a feline inquire Ward – erstwhile helium was inactive bartending astatine Tin Roof – astir however to beryllium booked, and Ward gave him his email. The adjacent time I emailed Ward pretending to beryllium that guy, and that’s however I booked my archetypal Whiskey Jam show!”

Ahead of the sold-out amusement astatine the Ryman Auditorium, Billboard called Whiskey Jam “a can’t-miss lawsuit successful Nashville’s euphony scene,” noting Monday night’s “feat is awesome fixed that nary endowment lineup has been announced successful advance.”

Proceeds from the Ryman amusement payment the newly-established 501©3 Jam Fam Foundation, created to enactment organizations that assistance musicians, songwriters and the originative assemblage erstwhile successful need. “When the tornados hit, Chris Young and Whiskey Jam helped donate implicit 10,000 bottles of h2o to the communities deed the hardest and galore of those folks were fans oregon participants of our series,” adds Guenther. “Over the people of 10 years, we’ve grown arsenic a community-based lawsuit and truthful it’s lone earthy that we make an avenue successful which to springiness back.”

Artist support, appreciation and praise for the performance bid was evident passim the nighttime with Frankie Ballard noting “Whiskey Jam changed the game,” and Ernest adding “last nighttime was 1 for the books.”

The Ryman solemnisation concluded successful existent Whiskey Jam tradition: introducing fans to their adjacent 1 to ticker arsenic Katie Ohh took the signifier to execute “This Little Light of Mine.”

Afterward, an affectional Guenther thanked the sold-out assemblage who had stayed connected their feet the bulk of the night: “We emotion you Jam Fam, this has been a nighttime we’ll retrieve forever. Thank you for trusting america contiguous similar you person the past 10 years, here’s to the adjacent 10!”

And with that, different Whiskey Jam is successful the books.

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